"Vocabulary of Change: Gender and Youth in Politics"

Dear Freinds Greetings!

Women's participation in mainstream political activity has important implications for the broader arena of governance in a country. The evolution of Indian democracy through the 16 general elections so far has reflected a low representation of women in Parliament, State legislatures, in political parties and other decision-making bodies. In the world's largest democracy where women constitute half the population, there is still a large gap between constitutional guarantees and the actual status of women in the political system in India. Representation of youth in mainstream politics is also very limited. However, in the last elections youth and women did play a decisive role as voters and in bringing up issues close to their hearts.

Against this background, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and Women's Power Connect (WPC), with the collaboration of the Department of Political Science- Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), are partnering together in organising the event "Vocabulary of Change: Gender and Youth in Politics" at CTI Conference Room, JMI in New Delhi on the 21stAugust 2014.

FES is a non-profit German Political Foundation promoting the ideals of social democracy that is social justice, freedom and solidarity. The FES was founded in 1925 and is the oldest political foundation in Germany. More details of our work are presented at our website www.fes-india.org.

WPC is a national level NGO with a membership-base of over 1500, working on advocating for women-friendly legislations across the country. WPC's overarching focus is on creating a gender-just society by forming partnerships between Government, elected representatives and civil society organizations. More details of our work are presented at our website www.womenpowerconnect.org.

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for interface between the political leaders representing various parties and youth from various Delhi based universities, NGOs and Media. It is envisaged that the discussion will help the youth in understanding the Indian political process, the challenges faced during pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral phases and women's participation in party politics and governance.

We are delighted to invite you for this event on "Vocabulary of Change: Gender and Youth in Politics". The event is from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Your presence and support would be of great value and encouragement for the youth.

Looking forward to your confirmation!

Thank you and best regards

Ms. Radhika Khajuria
Programme Director
Email: radhikakhajuria15@gmail.com
Damyanty Sridharan
Senior Adviser
Email: damyanty@gmail.com



19 August 2014 Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

On World Humanitarian Day, we renew our commitment to life-saving relief efforts -- and we remember all those who died serving this noble cause.

Last year, more humanitarian workers were kidnapped, seriously injured or killed than ever before. This is an outrage.

In recent weeks, dozens of humanitarians -- including members of the UN family -- have lost their lives in South Sudan and Gaza. Too many people have died or suffered from deliberate attacks.

Humanitarian workers and their families are hit hardest by these crimes.

But they are also felt by millions of others.

Attacks on humanitarian workers hinder the ability of people in desperate need to receive lifesaving assistance.

Children go unvaccinated. Sick and wounded patients go untreated. Those forced from their homes are left without food, water or shelter - exposed to violence, disease or other threats.

On World Humanitarian Day, we honour the heroic aid workers who rush bravely to help people in need.

We remember their sacrifices, and we recognize the millions of people who count on humanitarian workers for their very survival.

Let us honour the fallen by protecting those who carry on their work - and supporting humanitarian relief operations worldwide.


People's Climate March Consultation - An Invitation

Dear friends, It would be wonderful to have you at a Consultation for the People's Climate March 2014. The consultation is happening this Friday at 5 pm, and the March is on the 20th of September. Hope to see you there.

Greetings from Avaaz.org, 350.org and The People's Climate March September 2014 Team!

You are cordially invited to attend: A Partners' Consultation on Mobilisation and Forward Action for The People's Climate March New Delhi September 2014

  • Venue: National Foundation of India Office, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
  • Date : Friday 22nd August 2014
  • Time : 5pm to 7pm

RSVP: Chaitanya Kumar 09849016371
Usha Saxena 09818649083
Ankit Kumar 09811963177

What it is about:

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for a special Climate Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York on the 23rd September 2014. Heads of state, big business and civil society leaders will be attending in full strength to urgently pledge to take action on climate change mitigation solutions - the urgency comes from the UN Secretary General taking note of the fact that we are fast running out of time to control the devastating impacts of climate change, with island nations already facing the heat (literally) and at risk of their countries and homes getting submerged with rising ocean levels. Our coastal communities, farmers, forest-dwellers and people living in areas battling severe desertification, acidification of water, degradation of land ravaged by mining and deforestation, are already reeling under the grips of corporate short-sightedness and greed and so-called development projects. This, despite the yearly climate summits in December where grand promises are made amid much discord, but governments and companies are yet to act towards significantly reducing carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels (petrol, diesel, coal for energy etc)

To mark this occasion and hold governments and industries accountable, nearly a 100,000 people are going to be marching to the UN Headquarters in New York on September 21st - The People's Climate March. The unifying slogan of the rally will be "Action: Not Words".

The Prime Minister of India is expected to attend this summit in September (one of his biggest international conferences yet) In solidarity with the people marching in New York, 350.org and Avaaz.org are mobilising and organising a People's Climate March New Delhi on 20th September 2014 - a Saturday! It is intended to be a colourful, vibrant and assertive show of strength by citizens of Delhi, representatives of social movements and frontline communities, youth, children, artists, performers and activists, demanding that the PM pledge definite action points towards reducing carbon emissions drastically in India, especially reducing our over-dependence on coal, with the appropriate economic and policy measures required. Basically, we are going to be reiterating the global slogan 'Action! Not Words!'.

We invite you and your organisation/group/community to be a part of the People's Climate March New Delhi 20th September - from participating in the run-up to the rally, in the consultation process and preparing the citizens' charter of demands to be handed over to the PMO before he arrives at the Summit in New York and also in the follow-up process after the rally.

Please do attend or send a representative to attend the partners' consultation we are hosting on Friday 22nd August 2014 from 5 pm to 7.30pm at IHC to finalise plans and commitments.

Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest!


Resource Centre for Interventions on VAW (TISS)

Dear Friends,

The Resource Centre for Interventions on VAW is a Field Action Project of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai). The RCI-VAW grew out of the work of Police-based Special Cells for Women & Children in 2007-08, and functions under the leadership of Prof. Anjali Dave & Ms. Trupti Jhaveri Panchal (Centre for Equity for Women, Children & Families, School of Social Work).

The RCI-VAW anchors the strengthening & expansion of Special Cells in Maharashtra and 6 other States, apart from intervention/evaluation research, training, advocacy and VAW intervention programme design work. A brief summary of the same may be seen at http://www.tiss.edu/TopMenuBar/field-action/projects/rci-vaw-the-resource-centre-for-interventions-on-violence-against-women.

We are in the process of expanding our work and therefore, our team, and have put out an advertisement, accordingly: http://www.tiss.edu/lefttop/jobs-tenders/field-action-positions or http://www.tiss.edu/lefttop/jobs-tenders/research-positions. Please support our effort and circulate the advertisement widely.

Thanks and sincerely,


Nirmala Niketan Commencing courses in Child Rights and Advanced Research Methodology

College of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan Commencing courses in Child Rights and Advanced Research Methodology from Aug. 2014.The details of the course are attched

You are requested to forward the announcement to interested individuals.


Call for Papers

Women, Labour and Livelihoods in 21st century India: a research and policy linkage workshop

11th and 12th December 2014

Co-organized by the University of Melbourne, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and Centurion University

Notwithstanding the high rates of economic growth in the Indian economy over the past decade and ostensibly increased employment opportunities, only 15 per cent of all women in India are engaged in paid work, whether this is in the formal or informal sector[1]. The corollary implication is that 85 per cent of Indian women are engaged in forms of unpaid family labour within the home, farm or family-based enterprise that in effect situates them in relationships of dependency[2]. The benefits of India's economic growth and its 'demographic dividend' will continue to elude young women if Indian policy interventions are not convergent with insights from research on women's livelihoods, labour, skills and employment. Gender, as other social relationships (such as caste, age) is a crucial mediator of livelihoods and employment in a deeply stratified country such as India, and gendered identities inevitably influence outcomes of managed interventions such as programmes and policies for skills training or women's self-employment.

This proposed 2 day workshop seeks to bring together an inter-disciplinary group of researchers, development practitioners and policy influencers who work on issues of urban and rural women's labour, livelihoods and employment in India. The aim of the workshop is to engage in a discussion on how better linkages between research and policy can shape improved economic outcomes, particularly for poor women.

The workshop envisages a dialogue between academics and practitioners. We therefore invite both full length academic papers as well as presentations by practitioners. Selected papers from the workshop and highlights of workshop discussions will be edited for publication.

We invite workshop papers and presentations that focus on analyses of:
Workforce participation levels
- The patterns of women's entry and exit in labour markets and what this reveals of their livelihood strategies and response to economic opportunity
Renegotiation of gendered roles
- How gendered responsibilities for social reproduction are re-negotiated and re-shaped as young women engage in new opportunities for livelihoods or employment
- The choices and constraints that young women face, especially in terms of gender relations within the household and other dimensions of marginalized identity (such as caste, ethnicity, sexuality and religion), as well as the societal backlash when they assert themselves through being mobile, seeking opportunities and challenging gendered social expectations.
Women in low-paid and corrosive work
- Strategies to counter the sequestration of women in unpaid, poorly waged and/or precarious labour
- Strategies to break the downward economic spiral faced by rural poor women with the ongoing agrarian crisis and the feminisation of agriculture

The impact of skills and collective capacity building interventions
- The influence of government and non-government initiatives to build collective capacity among women in improving economic outcomes
- The scope for policies and institutions such as the National Rural Livelihoods Mission and the National Skills Development Corporation to play a transformative social and economic role.
The role of migration for work
- The opportunities and constraints of migratory strategies as a mode of economic development and of transforming gender relations within households and communities.

- The wider impacts of short and long term sojourns in urban-industrial centres for young women What do they 'learn'? How does the experience shift attitudes, aspirations and perspectives? Do such young women repeat their journey?? Do they participate differently in local politics and labour markets?

Workshop Co-ordinators:

  • Dr Bina Fernandez, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Meena Gopal, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Dr Orlanda Ruthven, Centurion University and Gram Tarang

Workshop Dates: 11th and 12th December 2014
Location: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai campus

Abstract Submission deadline: 30th September 2014. Please complete the attached abstract submission for and email to: WLLworkshop2014@gmail.com. Selection of papers and presentations by: 6th October 2014. Authors of selected papers and presentations will be provided with travel (within India), meals and accommodation. Paper Submission deadline: November 15th 2014. Final papers and presentations must be emailed to WLLworkshop2014@gmail.com.

Abstract Submission Form Women, Labour and Livelihoods in 21st century India: a research and policy linkage workshop

Institutional Affiliation:
Contact Address:
Phone number:
Type of abstract (circle the appropriate choice): Academic paper Presentation

Abstract (no more than 500 words):


5 - 8 OCTOBER 2014

The Global Risk FORUM GRF Davos invites you to submit an abstract for oral presentation, for a poster presentation, or for a session on one of the conference topics. A particular focus will be set on GLOBAL HEALTH, Diseases and Disease Control, Environment and Health Impacts, Food & Agriculture, Global Change & Sustainable Development.

Submit your abstract here or copy and paste this URL into your web-browser: http://onehealth.grforum.org/programme/call-for-abstracts/

The upcoming 3rd GRF One Health Summit 2014 aims to develop an international RESEARCH and education strategy for One Health andto further develop and strengthen the One Health paradigm and its global movement as a trans- and inter-disciplinary approach.

Email: archbishopdelhi@yahoo.co.in,mathew@cbcihealth.org mathewcssr@gmail.com www.cbcihealth.org


Partners for Law in Development

Workshop on Laws relating to sexual violence - Oct 1st to Oct 4th

PLD is organizing a training workshop on the new laws relating to sexual violence, on October 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of 2014.

This workshop seeks to understand the challenges and working of each of the 3 laws on sexual offences in detail, and take stock of their implementation

The form can also be downloaded from the website of www.cedawsouthasia.org  or  www.pldindia.org.

Please send your completed applications to trainings@pldindia.org


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